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With two different abrasive sides, the all new S-file is the two-step nail file that shapes and smoothes the nail. The unique curved design makes filing quick and easy, and the high quality abrasive lasts up to 12 months, meaning nails can be kept beautiful all year long.

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The S-file


S-file Stylfile

The S-buffer is shaped to follow your nail bed curve, helping you achieve sparkling nails in seconds.

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Emergency File

S-file Stylfile

The Emergency File is a mini S-file in a protective spiral case, perfect for emergency nail repairs.

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Nailcare Collection

Nailcare Collection

The Nailcare Collection contains the S-file, S-buffer and Emergency File for perfect nails at home and on the go.

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Stylfile S-Ped

NEW! The S-Ped is a curved foot file and exfoliator, which gently removes hard skin from your feet for happy heels and smooth soles.

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