File Your Nails in Style - S-File Stylfile Reviewed

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Without a shadow of a doubt, nail care is the area of beauty I completely and utterly reject and neglect. I start out with good intentions but it never ends happily. It always goes something like this in my head: "I know, let's paint my nails. Okay but we're going to need to shorten them first and remove the old nail polish. And your cuticles are looking in need of some TLC. Ah I hate glitter nail varnish why do I always use it. It's so hard to remove! You know what I'm just going to touch my nails up a bit by painting over the old polish - much easier".


The S-File Stylfile is super sturdy, giving full control while filing. The only thing I will say is that I still find it tough to file with my left hand (I'm right-handed) using the S-File. One of their claims is that you'll find it easy, even when using your other, non-dominant hand. While it's probably easier than most flat nail files, because you let the nail file do most of the work, thanks to it's shape, it hasn't made me ambidextrous.
I feel a bit mad, ranting and raving so positively about a nail file of all the beauty tools,  but after breaking nail files regularly due to constant use or finding ones that are absolutely rubbish from the word go, the S-File Stylfile feels like a gift from the gods. It actually makes filing my nails a pleasure. It works how you'd want it too and I haven't been disappointed yet. While I've only used it about 3 or 4 times, it claims to last up to 12 months so I'm looking forward to seeing how true that claim is for me, personally.
I can't see why I'd ever go back to normal nail files again. The S-File may be more expensive but I reckon it'll see me through for a much longer time than the cheaper ones I've purchased in the past. Now I'm just hoping I don't misplace it... I'm always searching the house for a nail file!
Have you ever used the S-File or any other of the Stylfile products? Let me know what you think...


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