Twice the Price, but Double the Value

Now January sale shopping is in full swing and I'm thinking about the next product launches and how to value my new products, a trip to the shops with my little boy Jack has really got me thinking....

18 months ago my little boy Jack was getting a scooter for his 1st birthday and needed a helmet to go with it. Having done some research a standard helmet was around £15, but while looking I also found an amazing cycle helmet... in the style of a dinosaur! At £35, this seemed a ridiculous purchase at the time but I had to have it! It's styled like a Tyrannosaurus Rex, with gnarly eyes and massive teeth (there's even a set on the chin strap!) & Jack adores it!  

He has literally worn it everyday - even when he isn't on his scooter... he's been known to where it in the height of summer in just a nappy and even at nap time as it's so hard to prize off him!  Jack also receives a huge amount of attention and comments whenever we take him out in it, which is probably another reason he loves it so much!

Today, while wandering around town he became the proud owner of a hi-viz jacket courtesy of someone from a well-known car park chain. He proudly walked along the road pulling his truck - my little health and safety dream! He's so prone to falling over and there he was wishing to wear a safety helmet and hi-vis jacket and it really made me laugh!

So, now feeling vindicated for my extravagance 18 months ago, I've learnt my lesson that just sometimes it's worth paying extra for something you love. It might seem ridiculous at the time but it might end up paying you back in spades!

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