Men say the biggest turn-offs in a woman are dirty nails and yellow teeth, according to a new study.

The study, conducted by nail care experts STYLFILE, found that, surprisingly, men's critical eyes often linger on a woman's hands, making them far more observant than women may think.

The research found that 60 per cent would be put off a potential date if she had yellow teeth, while 52 per cent would run a mile from a lady with dirty fingernails; 28 per cent also cited yellow finger nails as a major turn-off.

STYLFILE found that the average British woman spends just £7.50 per month on hand and nail care, with 6 per cent of women harming their fingernails by leaving nail varnish on for more than a month.

Whilst women tend to neglect their hand health, the typical British woman pays more attention to other body parts and ignores the basics, spending £15.40 per month on face and body beauty treatments. Younger women between the age of 18 to 24 are proving to be the biggest beauty-obsessives, splashing out £45.80 a month on grooming.

Although men's preference towards a more natural-looking style is widely known, women tend to be addicted to decorating and faking perfect nails, which in turn, damages natural nails through the use of toxic products and pollutants, leading them to become yellow. What's more, dirt tends to pile up underneath coloured nails, with most women not even noticing or knowing how to dispose of it.

STYLFILE creator, Apprentice Winner and inventor Tom Pellereau said:

"According to the findings of our recent survey, what men often find unattractive is the result of lack of care. Women are clearly spending unevenly on their monthly grooming supplies, and, with just a bit more of a focus towards nail care, the yellow and dirty nail effect can be easily tackled at home.

STYLFILE would like to challenge women across the UK to ditch their usual manicure regime and uncover their natural nails, using tools from our range to enhance and restore their natural nail beauty. Mani Pro can provide an all-in-one manicure solution, including a stainless steel cuticle pusher which can be used to clean underneath the nail, whilst our all-new Infuse includes almond oil which nourishes both nails and cuticles".

Top 10 turn-offs according to men:

  1. Yellow teeth 60%
  2. Dirty finger nails 52%
  3. Acne 38%
  4. Unwanted hair 33%
  5. Yellow nails 28%
  6. Sweaty palms 16%
  7. Chapped lips 12%
  8. Age spots 10%
  9. Aged hands 9%
  10. Wrinkly hands 8%
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