Are your brushes carrying a dirty little secret?

Are your brushes carrying a dirty little secret?


The majority of makeup and cosmetic users don’t give much thought to the cleanliness of their makeup brushes in fact, one in five women didn’t even know they had to wash their makeup brushes*.
Professionals recommended brushes are washed at least once a week. Makeup brushes are our everyday tools, not only do they give a smoother and even application, they also keep oils and bacteria from your hands and fingers away from your face and pores.
Touching your face with your fingers can clog your pores but your unwashed makeup brushes could also be a contributing factor. Dirty, unwashed makeup brushes can not only cause spots, irritate your skin and worsen wrinkles but can also carry dangerous bacteria and viral infections.
Our skin and bodies contain naturally occurring germs that are for the most part completely harmless. Germs can live in brushes and cosmetic products without any threat whatsoever however, when the levels of bacteria become too high or in contact pathogens that is when problems can arise.

Are your brushes carrying their own dirty little secret?

Bacteria such as staphylococcus, streptococcus and E coli could be lurking in your makeup brushes which will make that little spot of pimple seem somewhat insignificant. Dangerous and harmful bacteria within makeup brushes are a real threat; an Australian mother contracted the serious Staph infection from an unwashed makeup brush leaving her confined to a wheelchair.
In a study conducted* of used make-up brushes borrowed from 35 consumers, professionals and beauty counters a staggering 58% were deemed ‘too unhygienic for use’ and 34% of those makeup brushes tested contained more bacteria than the average toilet brush.
Not only should washing your makeup brushes be a consideration but so should where you store them. Bathrooms can often be a germ-riddled environment, fungal spores floating around in the air can make their way onto your makeup brushes. All Fungal spores need is a moist place to live, finding their way into your makeup brushes is easy. If your brushes are kept uncovered in the bathroom, bacteria from the toilet can quite literally end up on your face. These germs can then spread and enter your body through your mouth, eyes and broken skin.

So how exactly should you clean your makeup brushes?

It’s recommended brushes are cleaning at least once a week however, traditional handwashing methods are messy and mean your brushes could be out of action and wet for 24 hours or more. Not the ideal solution to that ‘germy’ problem you find yourself in.
Tom Pellereau’s revolutionary solution The STYLPRO makeup brush cleaner & dryer is an automatic ‘washing machine’ for your brushes, spinning them clean & dry in less than 30 seconds so they are ready to use straight away! The electric, spinner device cleans and dries your brushes taking away all of the effort … truly the best makeup brush cleaner around for those clogged up foundation brushes.
Use the STYLPRO Brush Cleaner with the STYLPRO Vegan Makeup Brush Cleanser for the best results … we know you’ll love it!
It’s never been so important to wash your brushes, with our STYLPRO and helpful tips and tricks you won’t have to allocate hours of washing and drying time.
The only thing left to ask is when did you last clean your makeup brushes?
 Team Tom




*a study conducted by STYLIDEAS.



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