You're probably not cleaning your makeup sponge effectively

You're probably not cleaning your makeup sponge effectively

Washing by hand… it's so much effort!

Washing by hand is by far the most popular way to wash makeup sponges. So no wonder most of us wait ages before cleaning our sponges – it takes forever, and it’s SO messy.

No matter what kind of soap or cleanser you’re using, you get makeup everywhere, you use so much water, and it’s a lot of effort to be constantly squeezing and rinsing your sponge for so long.

Washing by hand is just such a horrible way of cleaning your makeup sponge.

makeup sponge being washed by hand



It also doesn't work very well

Not only is washing by hand a huge amount of effort, but our tests show that it really doesn’t clean your sponge properly.

A third of our test participants said that they washed their sponges by hand in the last month… and out of those sponges, three quarters STILL had more evidence of bacteria than a toilet seat!

So in most cases, despite ALL of your effort and time, washing sponges by hand just doesn’t clean your sponge properly.

sponge next to bacteria



Water use

The most common ways to wash makeup sponges include washing by hand, with a washing machine and cleaning using the microwave.

But washing your sponge using these methods can waste a HUGE amount of water:

  • When washing under the tap for just 5 minutes, it’s estimated we can use up to 24 litres of water!
  • Washing machines can use 50 litres of water in one wash.
  • Even when using a microwave, you can use up to 2 litres of water from filling up a bowl and then rinsing under the tap, and this goes up by 6 litres for every minute of rinsing!

Considering how dirty makeup sponges can get, we need a way to wash them regularly without using buckets of water.

tap water


So what can I do?

It's so important to clean your makeup sponges for your skin and the environment, but you need to find an effective way of doing that tackles bacteria AND cleans your sponges properly.

Check out our 2-in-1 Makeup Sponge AND Makeup Brush Cleaner The STYLPRO Spin & Squeeze below!

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