STYLPRO Clear View Anti-Fog Heated Bathroom Mirror

The future of clear reflections is here! The STYLPRO Clear View Heated Anti-Fog Mirror ensures of crystal-clear reflection with the heated technology keeping you fog free. Designed to keep up with your steamy showers and ensure you never miss a detail, this mirror is not just a bathroom accessory – it’s a game-changer in your daily routine.

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How it works

The STYLPRO Anti-Fog Shower and Bathroom Mirror is a rechargeable heated mirror, that prevents build-up of fog.


⭐Easy to use
⭐Crystal-clear reflections
⭐Enhanced visibility
⭐Sleek design
⭐Time-saving convenience
⭐Smart design
⭐Perfect lighting


⭐Heated anti fog technology
⭐Perfect LED lighting
⭐Secure wall suction
⭐Companion squeegee
⭐Versatile placement
⭐Water resistant (IP65)
⭐Automatic time out function

How do you use it?

🖤On the back of the mirror where the On/Off Button is located, carefully lift up the silicon flap to find the USB-C port.
🖤Plug the USB-C charging cable (provided) into the USB-C port, plus the other end into a USB friendly power source.
🖤Once your cable is plugged in, the wave symbol will light up green.
🖤Once your mirror is charged the green light will turn off. Please then carefully replace the silicone flap ensuring a good seal.

🖤Choose a flat, gap free and completely smooth surface (e.g. glass or glossy tiles). Do not mount on a rough, bumpy or textured surfaces or across gaps.
🖤Clean, rinse and dry the surface with a lint-free cloth. Make sure the surface is completely dry.
🖤Rinse the suction cup and dry off any excess water.
🖤Using two hands, firmly press the suction cup against your chosen surface and twist the ‘cup mount’ clockwise 45° with considerable force until you feel it ‘lock’. A firm, strong twist will be needed.
🖤Check cup is secure. Please note, unlike ‘classic’ suction cups, this cup is only secured after it has been twisted to the locked position. If you stick the cup without locking, the mirror will fall.
🖤With two hands, hold the mirror on either side and firmly push it onto the suction cup ball until it snaps on. Please prepare to push hard. Do not press on glass.
🖤Hook the squeegee on to the neck of the wall suction mount
🖤Should you wish to move or remove the wall suction mount from the surface, twist the mount to the left until fully released. You may need to pull the small tab to remove the wall suction mount from the surface.

How to use:
🖤Use your left hand to reach behind the mirror and long press the On/Off Button. This will turn on the Anti-Fog technology indicated by the wave symbol lighting up red and the LED lights will also turn on. Please do not touch the mirrors surface when switched on.
🖤Once you have finished with the mirror, use your left hand to reach behind the mirror and long press the On/Off Button to switch off the Anti-Fog technology and LED lights. After 7 minutes of use the mirror will automatically switch off to minimise battery wastage.
🖤If there are any droplets on the mirror, please use the squeegee to clean the mirror.
🖤Allow 10 minutes of downtime after every two successive uses.

🖤When your mirror needs charging the red light will flash, simply lean the mirror towards you and down to a 90° angle from the wall suction mount and the mirror will pop itself out. You do not need to remove the wall suction mount from the wall to remove the mirror.
🖤Follow the Charging instructions above to recharge your mirror.

What do you get in the box?

✅1 x STYLPRO Anti-Fog Bathroom Mirror
✅1 x USB-C Charging Cable
✅1 x Wall Suction Mount
✅1 x Squeegee

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