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STYLFILE Baby Nail Files

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Safely file baby nails with the S-File

From new-born babies to infants and toddlers, trimming tiny baby nails can be tricky. Baby nails can often be sharp after cutting; gently smooth away sharp edges from children’s nails with the baby s-file by STYLFILE, a curved nail file especially designed for tiny nails.

How to use the STYLFILE Baby Nail Files with our STYLFILE Nipper Clippers


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How it works

The curved, long lasting baby emery board is specially designed to follow the natural shape of your baby’s nails, leaving them smooth and free from sharp edges after clipping. The STYLFILE S-File is suitable for both finger and toe nails.

Benefits and features

⭐Leaves baby’s nails smooth and safe after cutting
⭐Curved shape encourages natural shaping
⭐Keeps fingers safe for baby to explore their own space
⭐Trimmed and filed nails prevent bacteria lodging under overgrown nails
⭐Miniature size fits infant nails perfectly for unintimidating filing


✅ 5 x STYLFILE Baby Files

How to use

🖤Use the STYLFILE Baby S-file on infant nails to smooth any sharp edges left from cutting.
🖤In long sweeping actions gently file the nail edges following the natural curve of the nail.
🖤Start on one side of the nail and file to the centre.
🖤Repeat on the other side.

Additional Information

For the best manicure results use the STYLFILE baby file with the STYLFILE Nipper Clipper, a nail cutter especially designed for baby nails.

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FAQs: Baby S-File

Don’t be tempted to bite your baby’s nails to keep them shorter or smoother. Germs from your mouth could get into any tiny cuts on your baby’s fingers, possibly causing an infection. You also won’t be able to see what you’re doing, and you’ll find your baby’s fingernail is tiny compared to your teeth! Instead use the STYLFILE baby S-file and the STYLFILE Nipper Clipper.

Yes, the s-file is designed to precisely and smoothly trim even the tiniest of finger or toenails.

The STYLFILE Baby s-file has a unique S-shape, the curve of the tiny file follows the natural shape of baby nails to leave them smooth and free from any sharp edges after clipping.